29 May 2020 om 07:23


Welcome Imperial Esports League,

After careful consideration and discussion we have decided to partner with another organisation. They are just as passionate about Rocket League as our great community. They are a big tournament organisation, which will help us with our streams and are a great proving ground for our community. Besides this we as Gaming Alliance will help them with broadcasting and casting several tournaments that they organize!
This means Gaming Alliance is now offically partnered with the Imperial Esports League (IEL). IEL is the biggest semi-professional league in Europe. Founded to provide a competitive league experience within the EU region, they have grown to a large tournament organisation that houses 408 players in 3 league.
IEL is operating on a franchise system. A franchise consists of 1 team in each league and the GM is signing players to their franchises. This means you can join as an individual or as a team to compete in a league that is fitting for your skill level.
More information about how the IEL works:

What does it mean for GA members:
- Competitive league to play with your friends in or sign up solo and find new team mates
- Get to know people and play against players out of other european countries
- Get your games streamed and casted on twitch to an european audience

 If you have any questions regarding the above, please dont hesitate to DM your question to IEL members in our community or join the discord server and ask the staff there: